• VedaJunction
    A simple personalized learning management system for teachers, students and parents.

LMS tools

  • Curriculum mapping and lesson planning tools
  • Content authoring tools
  • Pre-loaded curriculum standards simplifying the alignments to units, lessons, learning targets, activities and assessments
  • Personalized instruction for each student with a differentiated learning approach
  • Import learning resources & PowerPoint presentations from Google drive

Personalized learning

  • A personal system tutor for every student
  • Artificial intelligence agents
  • Full mastery and reinforcement learning tools
  • Automate the learning process for students with a smart virtual tutor
  • Student centered learning with personalized learning plan
  • Virtual Tutor that works for you

Other features

  • Analytics and performance reporting with skill progression and other smart recommendations
  • Collaboratively plan your curriculum and share the resources with other teachers
  • Integrate with Google classroom and other learning tools using LTI
  • Project based learning integration

VedaJunction Classroom

Empowering teachers and students for Anytime, Anywhere Learning

VedaJunction classroom is a personalized learning platform that provides each student with an intelligent virtual tutor that empowers them to learn at their own choice of time and place, a suitable pace, using a customized learning path to achieve mastery.

  • Help facilitate hybrid or remote learning
  • Teacher, student, and parent system support
  • Family engagement capabilities
  • Personalized instruction for each student with a differentiated learning approach
  • Anytime, anywhere learning

VedaJunction Classroom in Use

Classroom administration

VedaJunction provides a hierarchical, expandable and customizable structure for administrators to monitor all reports, learning activities, communication and administration. It has the following features:

  1. Easily manage all details such as school year, grade levels, and homerooms/groups.
  2. Complete administration of teachers and students.
  3. Real time communication with teachers, parents and students.
  4. End of year data migration tools.
  5. In-depth analysis of individual learner performance.

Curriculum mapping tool

Set up your curriculum in minutes and assign homework, assignments, worksheets, notes, and learning plans to the students. Build and manage reusable curriculum and course work. It has the following features:

  1. Each unit and lesson can be mapped to multiple learning outcomes from different standards and standard types.
  2. Each learning object is mapped to a unit/lesson and to one or more learning outcomes.
  3. Each evaluation object is mapped to one or more learning outcomes.
  4. You can use curriculum maps shared by other users or purchase them from VedaJunction marketplace.

Teaching resource authoring tools

VedaJunction offers advanced learning system for teachers, tutors and students. It offers personalized learning and has the following features:

  1. Add notes, upload videos or files using advanced content authoring tools.
  2. Create the e-learning sets (with multiple pages) and make it a part learning plan.
  3. Personalize student worksheets (homework, assignments, projects etc.).
  4. Create your own question bank to evaluate students’ performance.
  5. Use analytics simulations to calculate competency score for each learning outcome, lesson, and unit.

Individual learning plans

VedaJunction helps to move direct instruction from the group learning space to individual learning space. Our system model offers to create individual and personalized learning plans by using certain criteria’s like student standard competency scores, which are made available to students. ILP helps to address the individual student problems, by the organization and sequencing of course resources. Personalized learning using individual learning plans empowers students to learn at their own choice of Time, Place, Pace, and on a Customized Learning Path that works for them.

  1. Single-day and multi-day based learning plans.
  2. Easily track and manage the lesson plans & learning plans.
  3. Learning plans include units, lessons, learning resources and quizzes.
  4. Create learning plans with customized path, suitable pace, useful place and daily schedule.
  5. Automatic plan creation based on student performance and knowledge in every area.
  6. Recommend lessons, learning resources, and quizzes based on knowledge and performance of student.

Grades and transcript management

Easy to use interface for entering grades. Evaluate students based on their cognitive ability and quality of response. Generate transcripts for every course.

  1. Enter grades for worksheets numerically, using rubrics value or by directly viewing student submission online.
  2. Assign competency score to each learning outcome or let the system calculate it for you.
  3. Generate report cards and transcripts for every course.

Student performance report

Track the performance, competency level and mastery level of all students using our analytical tools. The analysis is done based on the curriculum map profile, learning resources indicators, evaluation criteria and students` profiles.

  1. Analyze student statistics based on competency score of all learning outcomes.
  2. Analyze units and lessons statistics and their average competency score.
  3. Analyze evaluation tools like worksheets and quizzes based on students` performance.
  4. View learning outcomes status for all units, lessons, worksheets, and quizzes.
  5. Identify problems for all course resources and evaluation tasks.
  6. Generate learning plans based on intelligent personalized tutor recommendations.

Automated learning plans

VedaJunction provides customized learning plans based on recommendation engine and analytical tools using individual performance indicators and content profiles. Smart algorithms based on mastery and reinforcement learning govern the personalized learning plans for users. Intelligent personalized tutor modifies the learning plan based on student performance and content profile and improves its knowledge of recommendations.

  1. You have the ability to select desired learning outcomes for your students.
  2. Intelligent personalized tutor runs algorithms on the basis of desired competency score and content profiles.
  3. Intelligent personalized tutor selects learning resources based on different algorithms and student past performances.
  4. Intelligent personalized tutor evaluates the student based on his/her profile and desired competency level.

Integration with Google Classroom

Integrate with Google classroom and other learning tools using LTI. VedaJunction provides an easy way for teachers to import all the data from google classroom into their Vedajunction account.

  1. Import all the details of students from google classroom.
  2. Import all the assignments & questions from google classroom and can use it while assigning learning plans to students.
  3. Easily import and manage all of your learning resources from your google drive.
  4. Import powerpoint presentations from your google drive and directly assign it to students in the form of un-editable slide shows.

Sharing Tools

VedaJunction provides a platform for sharing user curriculum maps, learning resources, and individual learning plans. Teachers can share the units, lessons, notes, e-learning Sets, evaluation resources and learning plans that they have created with multiple users of VedaJunction.